ScienceSLAM Helsinki

ScienceSLAM Helsinki is here to warm you up during the long winter!

We proudly present our performers for the upcoming SLAM on 17.02.2018 (in alphabetical order^^):

Jack Beresford, Sanja Hakala, Unni Pulliainen: “Let’s talk about ants”
(UH; Evolutionary Biology)

Arvydas Dapkunas: “Building artificial kidneys”
(UH; Developmental Biology)

Lisa Erdmann: “Pharmaceuticals for the 21st Century”
(Aalto; Satire, Public performance art inventions, Medicalization, Ethics)

Chiara Facciotto: “Teaching cancer cells how to die”
(UH; Cancer Epigenetics, Bioinformatics)

Lauri Haapanen: ”How Do Media Work?”
(UH; Media Linguistics, Applied Linguistics)

David Weir: “Listening to the sound of the early universe with gravitational waves”
(UH; Gravitational waves, particle physics)

Bar opens at 19:00
Slam starts at 20:00
Tickets: 5€ at the door

In case you’re new here, this is ScienceSLAM:
Scientists battle head-to-head for the hearts of the audience by presenting any topic related to their own research. They have up to 10 minutes time to showcast their science in any format they dare to perform. Imagination is the only limitation!